• Kurupts Moonrock

    Brought to you by Dr Zodiak and Kurupt. Strongest Bud In Your Galaxy.
  • Bare Extracts

    The one & only Custom pre-rolled backwoods
  • Kushy Punch

    Our passion at Kushy Punch, is to make every person that comes into contact with our products better, healthier and happier. To create the best cannabis products on earth, we start with the best organic ingredients we can get our hands on. Always sourced locally. We make sure everything we release from our factory holistically fulfills the needs of your mind, body, and soul.
  • Hubby Bar

    More than just a Chocolate, our Hubby’s Bars are a Premiere Edible that is a delicious indulgence touched by the Essence of XXX Hubby’s Oil. Enjoy our rich, smooth Chocolate that not only taste great but will assist you in relieving pain, distress, anxiety, etc…
  • Kiva Confections

    KIVA Confections creates cannabis infused confections and is one of the most recognized medical cannabis companies in California.
  • Pivotal Chocolates

    ​Pivotal Chocolates is a premiere chocolate edible company originated in Central California. We take pride in offering lab tested, consistent proven dosing.
  • Cheeba Chews

    The original chocolate taffy, marijuana infused edible, known as Cheeba Chews™ was first cooked in Colorado with a simple question, "Why can't anyone make a consistently potent cannabis infused edible for patients in need?". What was about to happen, no one expected.
  • Punch Edibles

    Punch Edibles is dedicated to bringing you the best standard in medicated marijuana edibles. Made with the highest-grade concentrates, our mission is to compile that into a high potency bite size product. All of our concentrates are lab tested for potency and purity. We challenge you to the "Punch Challenge!"
  • Spliffin’

    Spliffin® offers premium vaping concentrates, hardware and unparalleled service for those with discerning taste. We have a genuine passion for our craft and we approach our work with the broad understanding that not all patients desire the same product for the same reasons.
  • Pure Vape

    Pure Vape is a company based out of Southern California, focusing on 100% organic & solvent free, true cannabis taste & Prop 215 compliant products of the highest quality.
  • LoudPack Extracts

    Loud Pack Extraction Company produces concentrates using distilled N-butane, in a custom closed loop extraction system. Our extraction process is well-tested, and extremely clean, leaving no residual solvents. Our proprietary extraction process is extremely stable, ensuring quality and consistency, of large scale production cycles.
  • Emerald Farms

    Solvent Free 0ppm, Tested at Steep Hill Labs and SC Labs.
  • Hitman Farms

    Hitman Farms was developed as a preservation of the finest and most viable cannabis and cannabis products that the market has to offer.
  • Famous Genetics

    At Famous Genetics, we pride ourselves on selecting only the connoisseur quality strains from the best farms.
  • Banzai Vapes

  • Oasis

    Pure organic cannabis oil derived from CO2-based extraction.
  • Shatter Tanks

    Shatter Tanks strives to elevate the industry by collaborating with the best of the best.
  • Moxie

    Moxie follows and utilizes pharmaceutical-grade methods and devices and has been awarded numerous accolades, namely for their non-psychoactive cannabinoid products.
  • HGH Extractions

    HGH Extractions is a California-based lifestyle brand inspired by the culture of dabbing.
  • Medicated Sasquatch

    Solvent free Clear & pure CBD vape cartridges! Specializing in THC/CBD distillates and isolates. 91% THC & 150mg pure CBD cartridges! SCLabs!
  • Crown Genetics

    12x High Times Cannabis Cup Award Winner. Celebrity backing with Dizzy Wright and TGOD Mafia.
  • Cannabiotix

    Based in California and Nevada. Specializing in providing MMJ patients with safe, quality, connoisseur-grade medicinal cannabis products.
  • Crucial Clear Extracts

    Distilled Cannabis Product
  • Guild Extracts

    Guild Extracts is a collective of extraction artists dedicated to producing the finest quality medical-grade cannabis products for both patients and connoisseurs.
  • Brass Knuckles

    Brass Knuckles Clear! Super Premium Concentrates - Real Fuckin Grams, Real Fire, No Gimmicks, No Nonsense, No Bullshit! Knuckle Up!
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